just let him have the pizza

Portland, OR 2014 @ Shitty Star Bar




1.) The girl practiced safe sex and used condoms. SMART. AS. FUCK.
2.) I’ve seen this reblogged with notes calling her a “whore” and a “skank”. Fuck that noise. Over half the girls on tumblr will, or have, sucked the dick of a guy they just met, only hung out with a few times, or barely know, and then stress because he hasn’t called them back or he’s treating them like shit. Meanwhile the same girls go to work at a minimum wage job where they don’t even make $920 in 3 months, much less a day. 
Good for this chick. She’s on her hustle and I ain’t mad at her. Make that money, girl!

you go girl
suck them dicks
achieve your dreams

are we going to ignore that these guys were willing to pay $460 just to have pleasure? i might not know a lot about how this business goes down but dayum she must have done a good job


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GIRL INTERRUPTED, Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder on the set, 1999,

1960s makeup is perhaps one of the most recognizable of the vintage styles of makeup, whether you choose to go for doll-like makeup of Twiggy (above) or a more sophisticated Mad Men style look, it’s definitely all about the eyes…